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JSInjector is a powerful tool written in Rust that allows you to inject JavaScript into web pages. It uses the Chrome DevTools Protocol to connect to a running instance of Google Chrome and execute scripts on selected pages.


  • Script Execution: Execute custom JavaScript on any open page in the browser.
  • Hot Reloading: Automatically reload the script when it changes on disk.
  • Page Selection: Select the target page from a list of all open pages.
  • Script Selection: Choose the script to execute from a list of available scripts.
  • Browser Setup: Automatically starts a new instance of Google Chrome with remote debugging enabled.


To build the project, you need to have Rust installed. You can then use Cargo, Rust’s package manager, to build the project:

cargo build --release

This will create a new executable in the target/release directory.


To use JSInjector, simply run the built executable. It will start a new instance of Google Chrome and present you with a list of open pages to choose from. After selecting a page, you can choose a script to execute on that page.


Contributions to JSInjector are welcome! Please submit a pull request or create an issue to discuss any changes you wish to make.